The best gardens to visit in East Riding of Yorkshire

The East Ridings are home to many stunning historic gardens

The best gardens to visit in East Riding of Yorkshire

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Burton Agnes Hall Gardens

Burton Agnes Hall Gardens, located near Driffield, is a stunning historic garden that has been beautifully maintained since its creation. The garden is a paradise for nature enthusiasts, featuring numerous flower beds, herbaceous borders, and vibrant displays of seasonal blooms. Visitors can explore the walled garden, enchanting woodland walks, and a peaceful pond. One of the highlights is the Secret Garden, a secluded area filled with exquisite plants, sculptures, and a serene aura.

The hall itself is a magnificent Elizabethan stately home, which is of interest to history buffs. The garden also hosts various events throughout the year, including plant fairs, sculpture displays, and art exhibitions. Its picturesque setting and diverse plant collection make Burton Agnes Hall Gardens a must-visit for anyone seeking tranquility and natural beauty.

Address: Burton Agnes Hall, Driffield YO25 4NB
Opening Times: Daily from April to October, 11 am to 5 pm

Sledmere House Gardens

Sledmere House Gardens, situated in the village of Sledmere, are a horticultural wonderland that captivate visitors with their timeless elegance. The gardens are meticulously designed, boasting symmetrical lawns, meticulously pruned hedges, and vibrant floral displays. Visitors can stroll through the extensive grounds and marvel at the stunning architectural features, including ornate statuary and tranquil water features.

Notably, the gardens are renowned for their collection of rare and exotic plants, showcasing the dedication of the gardeners to preserve plant diversity. Sledmere House, the magnificent Georgian country house overlooking the gardens, provides a glimpse into the grandeur of the past with its opulent interiors and knowledgeable guides. The gardens host various events and activities, such as plant fairs and outdoor concerts, offering visitors a delightful experience.

Address: Sledmere House, Driffield YO25 3XG
Opening Times: Daily from April to October, 10 am to 5 pm

Burnby Hall Gardens

Burnby Hall Gardens, located in Pocklington, are a haven for plant lovers and nature enthusiasts. The gardens are renowned for their stunning collection of water lilies, featuring over 100 varieties blooming in two beautiful lakes. Visitors can explore the rock gardens, charming woodland walks, and the picturesque Victorian Garden. The Stewart Museum within the grounds showcases artifacts from Major Percy Stewart's travels, including fascinating items from Egypt and South America.

A highlight of Burnby Hall Gardens is the annual Water Lily Festival, where visitors can engage in various activities and witness the breathtaking water lilies in full bloom. With its serene ambiance and picturesque landscapes, Burnby Hall Gardens offer a peaceful retreat for the whole family to enjoy.

Address: Percy Road, Pocklington YO42 2QF
Opening Times: Daily from April to October, 10 am to 5.30 pm

Castle Howard Gardens

Situated near York, Castle Howard Gardens are a true gem of East Riding of Yorkshire. These magnificent gardens are set within the extensive grounds of Castle Howard, an imposing stately home with breathtaking architecture. The garden's design is a combination of formal areas, such as the serene Temple of the Four Winds and the geometric South Parterre, and more naturalistic landscapes like the Ray Wood and The Atlas Fountain.

Castle Howard Gardens offer visitors the chance to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature, taking leisurely walks through woodlands, along serene lakes, and amidst colorful, meticulously maintained flower beds. The gardens also host events like open-air theater, annual plant fairs, and seasonal themed displays, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all.

Address: Castle Howard, York YO60 7DA
Opening Times: Daily from March to October, 10 am to 5.30 pm

Hornsea Garden Centre

The Hornsea Garden Centre, located in Hornsea on Rolston Road, is not only a fantastic garden center for plant enthusiasts but also features beautiful gardens to explore. The center provides a wide range of gardening supplies, plants, and accessories. The gardens themselves showcase various display areas, including stunning show gardens that illustrate different horticultural styles and planting techniques.

Visitors to the Hornsea Garden Centre can leisurely stroll through the landscaped gardens, drawing inspiration for their own outdoor spaces. The centre also boasts a delightful café, allowing visitors to relax and enjoy delicious refreshments surrounded by nature's beauty. With its well-maintained gardens and extensive selection of plants, the Hornsea Garden Centre is a must-visit destination for any gardening enthusiast.

Address: Rolston Road, Hornsea HU18 1UT
Opening Times: Open daily, please check their website for current opening hours

East Yorkshire Garden Centre

The East Yorkshire Garden Centre, located in North Ferriby, offers a delightful experience for garden enthusiasts. The center is an excellent place to find a wide range of plants, gardening equipment, and accessories. The colorful gardens surrounding the center are a joy to wander through, featuring beautifully designed landscapes, water features, and a variety of plants providing inspiration for visitors.

The East Yorkshire Garden Centre's knowledgeable staff are always on hand to offer advice and guidance on plant care and selections. Additionally, the center includes a lovely tearoom where visitors can relax and enjoy a cup of tea or a light meal amidst the tranquil surroundings. A visit to the East Yorkshire Garden Centre is an ideal way to gather ideas and supplies for your own garden.

Address: Main Road, North Ferriby HU14 3LG
Opening Times: Open daily, please check their website for current opening hours

Beverley Westwood

Beverley Westwood, situated in Beverley, is a vast open space that provides stunning views of the Yorkshire Wolds. The Westwood is a common pastureland, managed by the Pasture Masters, where visitors can freely explore the picturesque countryside and enjoy its natural beauty. The Westwood is dotted with grazing animals, including the famous Beverley cows, and is home to a golf course.

The landscape of Beverley Westwood is captivating, featuring rolling hills, ponds, and ancient trees. Visitors can take leisurely walks along designated paths, enjoying the fresh air and incredible vistas. Historically, the Westwood has been used for various purposes, including medieval farming and military exercises. Today, it remains a treasured green space for locals and visitors alike.

Address: Beverley HU17 8DH
Opening Times: Open daily, year-round

Bolton Abbey Gardens

Bolton Abbey Gardens, situated within the scenic Bolton Abbey estate near Skipton, are a true delight for nature lovers. The gardens are nestled in the ruins of the 12th-century Bolton Priory, creating a romantic and historical ambiance. Visitors can explore the formal gardens, adorned with vibrant flower beds, and stroll along the beautiful riverside paths.

Notable features of Bolton Abbey Gardens include the Strid Wood, a tranquil ancient woodland that offers peaceful walking trails amidst towering trees. The gardens also provide access to the River Wharfe, allowing visitors to appreciate the soothing sound of flowing water and enjoy riverside picnics. With its picturesque setting, enchanting ruins, and natural beauty, Bolton Abbey Gardens offer a truly enchanting day out.

Address: Skipton BD23 6EX
Opening Times: Open daily, year-round. Times vary depending on the season, please check their website for current opening hours

Skipsea Castle Gardens

Skipsea Castle Gardens, located in the coastal village of Skipsea, offer a unique horticultural experience within the grounds of a medieval castle. The castle ruins create a captivating backdrop for the gardens, which have been designed to complement the historical setting. Visitors can wander the pathways, which wind their way around ancient walls, and discover an array of colorful plants and flowers.

Notably, Skipsea Castle Gardens offer stunning views of the surrounding countryside and the North Sea, providing a serene environment to enjoy nature's beauty. The gardens are also a popular spot for wildlife, attracting various bird species and butterflies. For those interested in history, the site's connection to the medieval castle adds an extra layer of intrigue to the visit.

Address: High St, Skipsea YO25 8TH
Opening Times: Open daily, year-round

Burton Constable Hall Gardens

The Burton Constable Hall Gardens, located in Sproatley, are a true treasure trove for garden enthusiasts. The gardens are beautifully landscaped and feature a vast array of plants and flowers, including a nationally significant collection of rhododendrons and azaleas. Visitors can leisurely stroll through the pleasure grounds, formal gardens, and tranquil woodland walks, marveling at the impressive herbaceous borders and picturesque views.

Burton Constable Hall, a grand Elizabethan mansion overlooking the gardens, is also worth exploring. The hall offers guided tours that provide insight into its rich history and the lives of the Constable family. Various events are held throughout the year, including open-air theater performances and seasonal plant fairs for visitors to enjoy.

Address: Skirlaugh, Hull HU11 4LN
Opening Times: Daily from March to October, 10 am to 5 pm

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