Greatest gardens: Great Dixter, England, UK

Great Dixter is a historic house and garden located in Northiam, East Sussex, England

Greatest gardens: Great Dixter, England, UK

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Great Dixter is a historic house and garden located in Northiam, East Sussex, England. It is renowned for its beautiful gardens and is considered one of the greatest gardens in the country.

Overview of Great Dixter

Great Dixter has been home to the Lloyd family for over a century. It was the birthplace of the world-famous gardener and garden writer, Christopher Lloyd. The house and garden are now open to the public, attracting thousands of visitors every year.

History of Great Dixter

The house dates back to the mid-15th century, with parts of it still standing today. It has a rich history and has hosted various notable figures over the years. Christopher Lloyd's stewardship of the garden from the 1950s until his death in 2006 significantly contributed to its reputation.

The Gardens of Great Dixter

The gardens at Great Dixter are the main attraction for visitors. They cover several acres and are divided into different sections, each offering a unique experience.

Terraced Gardens

The terraced gardens at Great Dixter feature a series of beautifully designed and planted levels, creating a stunning visual impact. These areas provide various viewpoints to admire the garden's diverse plant life.

Exuberant Planting

The exuberant planting style at Great Dixter is one of its defining characteristics. The garden is known for its abundance of colorful and textural plants that create a vibrant and lively atmosphere throughout the year.

Topiary and Hedges

Great Dixter is famous for its topiary and meticulously maintained hedges. These carefully shaped and sculpted features add structure and interest to the garden, providing delightful focal points.

The Long Border

The Long Border is a must-see feature at Great Dixter. It stretches for over 200 feet and is filled with a stunning array of herbaceous perennial plants. It offers a constantly changing display throughout the seasons.

The Orchard

Great Dixter's orchard is another charming area of the garden. It features a variety of fruit trees and provides a tranquil space for visitors to explore.

Meadows and Wildflower Gardens

The meadows and wildflower gardens at Great Dixter showcase the beauty of natural landscapes. These areas are carefully managed to encourage a diverse range of flora and fauna, creating a haven for wildlife.

Enclosed Gardens

The enclosed gardens at Great Dixter offer a sense of seclusion and intimacy. These areas provide a contrast to the more open sections of the garden, allowing visitors to discover hidden gems and enjoy peaceful moments.

The Nursery and Plant Collections

Great Dixter has its own nursery, offering visitors the opportunity to purchase plants and take a piece of the garden home with them. The nursery specializes in a wide range of perennials, including many rare and unusual varieties.

Influence and Legacy

Great Dixter has had a significant influence on the gardening world, thanks to the innovative and experimental approach of Christopher Lloyd. Many gardeners and designers have been inspired by the garden's unique style and plant combinations.

Visiting Great Dixter

Great Dixter is open for visitors from April to October. It offers guided tours, gardening workshops, and various events throughout the year. The property also has a café and a shop where visitors can purchase garden-related products.


Great Dixter is a truly remarkable garden that captivates visitors with its beauty, history, and horticultural excellence. A visit to Great Dixter is a must for anyone with a passion for gardening or an appreciation for artistry in nature.

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