The best gardens to visit in Rutland

Rutland has serene and picturesque gardens that offer a delightful escape from the bustling city life

The best gardens to visit in Rutland

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Rutland Water Garden

Rutland Water Garden, located in the heart of Rutland Water, is a serene and picturesque garden that offers a delightful escape from the bustling city life. With its stunning views of the water, the garden provides a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere for visitors to unwind and connect with nature.

Notable features of Rutland Water Garden include its carefully landscaped flower beds, charming walking paths, and a variety of vibrant plant species. Visitors can also enjoy the beautiful sight of swans gliding across the water and the calming sounds of birds chirping in the surrounding trees.

Address: Rutland Water, Rutland, LE15 8HJ
Opening Times: 9am - 5pm (Monday to Saturday), 10am - 4pm (Sunday)

Barnsdale Gardens

Barnsdale Gardens, famously known for hosting the BBC television series "Gardeners' World" with the late Geoff Hamilton, is a must-visit for garden enthusiasts. Sprawling across 38 unique and expertly designed gardens, this attraction offers visitors a diverse range of horticultural styles and inspirations to explore.

Each garden at Barnsdale has its own distinct theme and character, making it a fascinating destination for those seeking gardening inspiration. With delightful displays of plants and flowers throughout the seasons, visitors can appreciate both the beauty and the practicality of different gardening techniques.

Address: The Avenue, Exton, Oakham, Rutland, LE15 8AH
Opening Times: 10am - 5pm (Monday to Sunday)

Lyndon Hill Gardens

Lyndon Hill Gardens offers visitors an idyllic setting with its beautifully manicured lawns, vibrant flower beds, and captivating views of Rutland Water. This garden also features a delightful collection of ornamental trees, shrubs, and wildlife, making it a haven for nature enthusiasts and photographers.

Notable features of Lyndon Hill Gardens include its charming woodland walks, charming wildlife ponds, and impressive arboretum. Whether you're seeking a peaceful stroll or a spot to have a picnic surrounded by stunning nature, this garden provides a truly serene experience.

Address: Stamford Rd, Rutland, LE15 8RN
Opening Times: 9am - 5pm (Monday to Saturday), Closed on Sundays

Burley House Gardens

Burley House Gardens, located near Oakham, boasts a historic and elegant setting. This garden offers a truly enchanting experience, with its picturesque landscaped grounds, majestic trees, and splendid flower displays influenced by traditional English garden design.

Visitors to Burley House Gardens can explore the charming walled gardens, stunning rose gardens, and the tranquil lake surrounded by beautiful swans. Not only are the gardens a sight to behold, but they also offer a glimpse into the history and grandeur of the stately Burley House.

Address: Burley Rd, Oakham, Rutland, LE15 7WD
Opening Times: Gardens - 11am - 5pm (Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday), 1pm - 5pm (Saturday); House - 2pm - 5pm (Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday), Closed on Saturdays

Egleton Nature Reserve

Nestled within Rutland Water, Egleton Nature Reserve is a haven for wildlife and birdwatching enthusiasts. The garden's beautifully maintained nature trails, bird hides, and wetland habitats provide visitors with the opportunity to observe a diverse range of bird species in their natural environment.

Egleton Nature Reserve is particularly famous for being a known habitat for ospreys, a majestic bird species that migrates to Rutland Water during the summer months. Visitors can enjoy watching these magnificent birds soar through the skies and witness their impressive fishing skills.

Address: Oakham, Rutland, LE15 8BT
Opening Times: 9am - 5pm (Monday to Sunday)

The gardens surrounding the Normanton Church Museum and Art Gallery provide a striking juxtaposition between nature and architecture. Set against the backdrop of the iconic Normanton Church, these gardens offer visitors an opportunity to explore the history and beauty of the area.

Notable features include the stunning fountain, vibrant flower beds, and the breathtaking views of Rutland Water. Visitors can also take leisurely walks along the lake shore and enjoy the peaceful ambiance while appreciating the church's magnificent presence.

Address: Edith Weston, Oakham, Rutland, LE15 8HD
Opening Times: 10am - 4pm (Tuesday to Sunday), Closed on Mondays

Rutland Water Nature Reserve

Rutland Water Nature Reserve is a mecca for nature lovers, offering a range of habitats that support a diverse array of plant and animal species. With its extensive walking trails, visitor center, and bird hides, this reserve serves as an ideal destination for both educational experiences and peaceful retreats.

The reserve is home to various notable bird species, including the fragile and rare bitterns. Visitors can enjoy the tranquility of the reserve while viewing a wide range of waterfowl and migratory birds at different times of the year.

Address: Egleton, Rutland, LE15 8BT
Opening Times: 9:30am - 4pm (Monday to Sunday)

Elton Hall Gardens

Elton Hall Gardens, located within the magnificent Elton Hall estate, offers a splendid opportunity to explore stunning formal gardens, breathtaking parkland, and hidden terraces. The estate has been home to the Proby family for over 300 years and holds a rich history waiting to be discovered.

The gardens feature meticulously designed flower beds, ornate fountains, and grand statuary, all of which contribute to the estate's architectural splendor. Visitors can also enjoy leisurely walks through the woodlands and take in the serene atmosphere that surrounds this historic gem.

Address: Elton, Peterborough, PE8 6SH
Opening Times: 2pm - 5:30pm (Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Bank Holidays from May to September)

Tixover Grange Gardens

Tixover Grange Gardens, renowned for their beautiful displays of roses and herbaceous borders, provide a serene and picturesque escape from everyday life. The gardens' meticulously maintained lawns, stunning topiaries, and charming water features create a truly tranquil atmosphere.

Visitors can also enjoy the delightful scents and colors of the many varieties of roses that bloom throughout the season. Tixover Grange Gardens present a wonderful opportunity to relax and appreciate the beauty of nature in a charming and peaceful setting.

Address: Tixover, Stamford, PE9 3QN
Opening Times: Pre-booking required

Bisbrooke Hall Gardens

Bisbrooke Hall Gardens, nestled in the heart of rural Rutland, provide visitors with a serene escape surrounded by stunning natural beauty. With its meandering pathways, vibrant flower gardens, and picturesque views of the surrounding countryside, this hidden gem is a treat for the senses.

The gardens also feature a beautiful wildflower meadow, ancient trees, and a charming woodland walk. A visit to Bisbrooke Hall Gardens offers a tranquil retreat from the modern world while providing an opportunity to connect with the peaceful ambiance of the countryside.

Address: Main St, Bisbrooke, Uppingham, LE15 9EQ
Opening Times: Flexible opening times, please check the website for details

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